1.“Recently government has planned to build world class higher education institutions with the view of creating knowledge economy and to achieve wealthy society”. With reference to above statement, how far education will bring knowledge economy? Discuss.(02.10.2017)

  1. It is viewed that in recent days the judiciary is actively encroaching the powers of legislative and executive authorities in the country. Do you agree? Explain with recent happenings.(03.10.2017)
  2. Even though Supreme Court of India under Prakash Singh vs Union of India case directed state government to bring police reforms in the country still it is not fully implemented by state government”.With reference to above statement, why we need  police reforms in recent days? What measures need to be done?(04.10.2017)
  3. “According to Annual State of Education Report, it is stated that access to education has improved but the quality of education has not improved”. In this context, what are the factors that affecting the quality of education in the country? Discuss about the relevance of right to education act (RTE Act) in recent days.(05.10.2017)
  4. “It is viewed that in recent days diaspora became a centerpiece of India’s foreign policy”. With reference to above statement, what are the major problems faced by Indian diaspora in recent days? Discuss about their contribution on India’s development.(06.10.2017)
  5. Recently Election Commission Of India (ECI) stated that they are ready to hold simultaneous elections to state assemblies and Lok Sabha in the country.In this context, what are the issues and challenges in conducting simultaneous elections?. Suggest the measures need to be taken.(07.10.2017)
  6. The IMF places great emphasis on promoting good governance and viewed that good governance is key to economic success. Discuss with respect to India.(09.10,2017)
  7. It is viewed that Non-government organizations (NGOs) are the backbone of civil society in India. Discuss.(10.10.2017)
  8. In India we have various legislation to address child marriage in the country. How does the recent judgment called Sex with wife below 18 address child marriage in the country?.Discuss.(12.10.2017)
  9. “Recently Supreme Court of India ruled that the marriage cannot be a licence to have sex with a minor girl and made it as an offence in the country”. With reference to above statement, discuss its significance and implications with respect to child rights.(13.10.2017)
  10. “Women self-help groups need to be turned into organisations, rather than work like a crowd”. In this context, explain about the nature of SHG in India. Suggest measures to improve its functions.(14.10.2017)
  11. After the 14th Finance commission recommendations the states should be pro-active in the health care sector rather than re-active .Examine the statement with respect to India.(15.10.2017)
  12. Recently government has planned about the systematic study of policing through academic institutions in the line of modernization of police in the county. Discuss.(18.10.2017)
  13. “It is viewed that having public health cadre on the lines of the civil services to improve the public health care delivery of the country”. In this context, what is the necessity to have public health cadre?.Discuss.(19.10.2017)
  14. “Recently government has termed alternative mechanism, instead of earlier GoM to expediting its decision-making”. In light of the statement, do you think that minimum government, maximum governance promise lost its relevance in the country? Discuss.(20.10.2017)
  15. “Recently, Supreme Court of India discussed about living wills and probably towards legalising it”.In the light of the statement, discuss the issues and challenges in implementing living wills in the country.(22.10.2017)

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