NOV 2017


1.It is viewed that there is a need for rights-based approach in seeking arrangements for safe and orderly migration to preventing exploitation. Discuss the statement with Indian perspective.(02.11.2017)

  1. “Recently government has constituted Prime Minister economic advisory council (PMEAC) to provide sound policy advice”.In this context,discuss the importance and relevance of PMEAC in the best placed NITI Aayog.(03.11.2017)
  2. Both the government and the apex court for a long time aiming to reduce pendency of cases in courts across the country”.In the light of the statement, discuss the various reasons for pendency of cases across the country. Suggest measures to improve the situation.(04.11.2017)
  3. “The International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI’s) 2017 Global Hunger Index illustrates the complexity of India’s malnutrition problem”. With reference to above statement, discuss the significance of national nutrition mission and its implementation challenges in the country.(06.11.2017)
  4. “Recently Supreme court asked the the government to set up fast track courts to break the symbiotic relationship between politicians and criminal”.In the light of the statement,what are the reasons for criminalization of politics in the country?.Suggest measures to improve the situation.(07.11.2017)
  5. Post-independence, the public expenditure has increased many fold and  a substantial portion of the expenditure going through without clear accountability”.In the light of the statement,do you think that CAG as an institution need to reinvent itself?.Discuss.(08.11.2017)
  6. As an institution, Parliament is central to the very idea of democracy but Parliament has neither evolved nor matured in the country. Discuss.(09.11.2017)
  7. The recent, Supreme Court’s right to privacy verdict stated that  “Life and personal liberty are inalienable to human existence”.In the light of the statement,discuss the issues and challenges faced by prisoner with disabilities in the country.(10.11.2017)
  8. It is viewed that India need to rationalise water usage both in agriculture and industry, with transparent governance and attendant institutional mechanisms”.In the light of the statement, discuss about various recommendations of central water commission (CWC) regarding water usage in the country.(11.11.2017)

10 Does the transgender persons (Protection of Rights) bill, 2016 ensure effective mechanism to address various problems faced by transgender in the society?.Discuss.(11.11.2017)

  1. Does unique identification number -Aadhaar has achieved its purpose?.Discuss the issues and challenges in implementation of Aadhaar scheme in the country(12.11.2017)
  2. .“It is viewed that executive-led budgetary governance has failed in India that led to an arbitrary taxation policy, burgeoning fiscal deficit, and an inequitable allocation of public resources”.Discuss. Suggest measures(13.11.2017)
  3. Even though the recent amendments to the maternity benefit act viewed as an path-breaking, there is concern over implementation of the act.Discuss.(14.11.2017)
  4. According to swachh survekshan gramin (SSG), the Swachh Bharat Mission is facing lot of implementation challenges to achieve its objectives.Examine.(15.11.2017)

15.The India state-level disease burden report stated that there is severe inequalities in the disease burden in different States in the country.Discuss.(15.11.2017)

  1. .“It is stated that government policies should support early education and childcare,that will increase labour force participation of women and reduces gender gaps in the country”.In this context,discuss the measures taken by government to address the above situation.(16.11.2017)
  2. “Recently law commission has recommended that  compulsory registration of all marriages like birth and death will address various social evils in the society”.In this context, examine the above statement with the help of Seema vs Ashwani Kumar verdict by Supreme Court.(17.11.2017)
  3. It is stated that citizen’s perception of public services provided by the rural governance institutions in India is very clear than urban citizens in the country.Discuss.(18.11.2017)

19.“Malnutrition became a serious public health issue in the country”.In this context,what is meant by ready-to-use therapeutic food?.Discuss the issues and challenges in using therapeutic food to address malnutrition in the country.(19.11.2017)

  1. .“India needs cooperative federalism to balance competitive federalism”.Examine the above statement with the help of functions and powers NITI Aayog .(20.11.2017)
  2. “It is viewed that electoral bonds can’t be a better instrument to ease the flow of black money to political parties in the country”.why?.Examine the role and relevance of state funding of elections to address black money in the elections.(21.11.2017)
  3. Though constitution guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression, it is often facing challenges in the country. Discuss.(22.11.2017)
  4. Though parliamentary system provide responsibility on the government through its  regular sessions, the recent decressing the number of parliament session weaken the system as a whole.Examine.Suggest measures to improve the situation.(23.11.2017)
  5. Recently home ministry has proposed to increase the number of seats in the Sikkim assembly,that is first time after the state merged with India”.In this context,examine the statement in the light of delimitation act 2002.(24.11.2017)
  6. .“The standing committee of the Inter-state council (ISC) chaired by home minister planned to discuss the recommendations of Punchhi commission on centre –state relations”.In the light of the statement,bring out the major recommendations and its visible  impact on the centre- state relations.(25.11.2017)
  7. The recent World Development Report, 2018 stated that there is a need for upgrading the public education system in the country.In this context, examine the above statement, in the light of new education policy.(26.11.2017)
  8. Write short note on India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative. Suggest measures to deal with health problems in India.(27.11.2017)
  9. Though various efforts taken, according to recent Global gender gap report India is far below the global average and behind some of our neighbours related to women empowerment.Eamine the reasons.Suggest measures to improve the situation.(28.11.2017)
  10. It is viewed that in recent days, the Indian judiciary has become all powerful, by taking on enormous authority in policy areas actually that are technically beyond its ambit.Do you agree?. Discuss.(28.11.2017)
  11. Discuss the major challenges in building quality infrastructure in premier educational institution in the country.How far higher education financing agency will address the issue?.Discuss.(29.11.2017)
  12. “The absence of a standalone, comprehensive legislation against torture and other cruel punishment will endanger the constitutional right of persons affected by custodial violence and torture”.In the light of the statement, discuss about law commission recommendation against torture and related areas.(30.11.2017)
  13. According to recent WHO report India has failed to eliminate malaria in the country.Examine.(30.11.2017)


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